PSD chief Geoana: PSD Congress should reveal a united party with an efficient and coherent leadership

The extraordinary convention of the Congress of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) will have to confirm the unity of the party and elect an efficient and coherent leadership, PSD chief Mircea Geoana told journalists on Tuesday in Pitesti.

‘The most important thing to me in the end is for the part to have two things simultaneously: number one, the party should not break up, and I can tell you right away that this will not happen because there is no mighty leader of the party who intends that; number two, we should be able to have a leadership that is as efficient and as coherent as possible, which I believe the party needs,’ Geoana told local journalists at a short press conference.

Geoana on Tuesday attended a convention of the Extraordinary Conference of the PSD Arges branch in Pitesti. The main conclusion of the meeting, as evidenced by the speeches delivered, is that the Arges PSD members disagree with the vote at the February 20 extraordinary convention of the PSD Congress being cast on a list of candidates. Some members burst out each time the word ‘list’ would pop up in the speeches.

‘I am open to the suggestions that will win a majority at the Congress convention, because, in the end, it will be the Congress to decide,’ Geoana replied to the questions on this issue. ‘I believe there is an exaggerated fear that the party might break up if they vote for a list. What matters to me the most in the end is a fair and transparent conduct of the Congress convention,’ said Geoana.

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