Senators to review privatisation agreements of public utilities companies

Privatisation agreements of companies providing public utilities will be reviewed by the relevant parliamentary committee, according to a decision on Tuesday taken by the Senate Standing Bureau.

Social Democrat Senate treasurer Ioan Chelaru explained that the members of the Bureau have decided to review these agreements, including terms creating obligations for the companies that had acquired former state-owned public utilities companies, while waiting for a decision to set up a special committee of inquiry be taken.
As regards the inquiry committee into the activity of the Ministry of Transport, whose set up was requested in December 2009, by a series of Social Democrat Senators, Ioan Chelaru specified that a decision was once again delayed.

Senate Vice Speaker Liberal Democrat Anca Boagiu on Tuesday requested the setting up of a committee of inquiry in the Senate into the manner in which ENEL is observing its privatisation agreement, with claims existing the company committed a series of ‘abuses’ against Romanian citizens.
Boagiu sent also a request to the committee for privatisation and state assets to trigger inquiry procedures into how ENEL has been observing its privatisation agreement and investment plan to achieve modernization and expansion of networks.


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