SRI Director Maior: The US anti-missile shield might be integrated with the NATO defence system

Director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) George Maior on Tuesday said that Romania will host only ground-based elements of the US anti-missile shield and the radar equipment of the system will most likely be deployed in Turkey.

‘The shield has a wider coverage in South-Eastern Europe. Its radars will be deployed in another country, with which discussions are being held, probably Turkey. Romania will host only ground-based elements, as US Under-Secretary of State Ellen Tauscher said,’ Maior told a meeting on Tuesday of the Parliament’s SRI Control Committee.

He also mentioned that the anti-missile shield might be integrated with the NATO defence system, and a decision to this end could be made at the next summit meeting of NATO to be held in Lisbon.
‘There is a NATO summit meeting scheduled to take place in Lisbon that will make some decisions in relation or the NATO anti-missile system, and there is a convergent view that no overlapping of the two systems is wanted.

As far as NATO is concerned, its South-East European flank is not covered by such a shield. Romania joining the US in deploying the shield as part of their very important, strategic relationship, will also benefit NATO. Technically speaking, there is a possibility in time for the US shield to be integrated with the NATO defence system, including in terms of command and control,’ said Maior.

Early this February, President Traian Basescu told journalists after an extraordinary meeting of the Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT) that Romania’s participation in the US anti¬missile shield to be implemented in South-East Europe will entail Romania accepting the deployment on its soil of ground-based interceptors.

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