Vasile Dancu: Ion Iliescu’s withdrawal does PSD good and will get together future generations

Vasile Dancu of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) believes that PSD honorary chairman Ion Iliescu’s restrain from attending the party’s activity benefits PSD and could even lead to the future generations of the party coming together and also to fair elections at the February 20 extraordinary convention of the PSD Congress.

‘By absenting or by leaving the party Ion Iliescu does more good to the party than by staying in. His gesture could increase the visibility of what is happening within the party and even coalesce opposition against such practices. Iliescu’s gesture might unite his generation, the generation of the conservatives, with the generation of the younger members, who, let’s put it this way, are against the status-quo of the party, and this way we might have a fair Congress convention,’ Dancu told on Tuesday.

Yet, he added that there are very few chances for the coalescing because ‘the leading team will not relinquish power so easily, even at the cost of the party breaking up.’
Dancu explains Iliescu’s withdrawal as PSD honourary chairmanship also by mentioning Iliescu’s failure, adding that Iliescu’s action is sincere because he is disgusted with what is happening within the party, but Iliescu has no other political projects in view.

‘Ion Iliescu realised what I had been saying for a long time, namely that he is used rather as a party asset but he no longer had much sway of late in the decision-making process, despite the fact that he legitimated a team. I believe that Ion Iliescu noticed that he was seriously injuring the spirit of a party, because it is one thing to be a member in a party, and quite other to be a member in a party clique.

This means PSD turning itself into a federation, and that is something Iliescu will not take part in. Leaving aside his personal failures, because we all have some, Iliescu is the party’s founder and he treasures party unity,’ said Dancu, adding that Iliescu deserved a better retirement. On the other hand, Dancu does not believe that incumbent PSD chairman Mircea Geoana would be among those to give up their current offices.

‘He is very unlikely to do so. He has accustomed himself to losing and I think he will go on,’ said Dancu. PSD honorary chairman Ion Iliescu on Tuesday announced he is considering restraining his participation in some of the party’s actions, giving up the attributes bestowed on his as the party’s honorary chairman. He also said he could withdraw from the PSD Congress as well.

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