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As many as 6,000 companies temporarily suspended activity, in January

As many as 6,000 companies have announced a temporary suspension of activity to the National Trade Register Office (ONRC), in January 2010, that is a growth by 342 percent compared to the same interval a year before, when there were 1,358 suspensions only, throughout the country, informs the ONRC.

As regards the statistics on voluntary dissolutions, in January 2010, there were recorded 829 applications, compared to 351 in the previous year, representing an increase by 136 percent at national level.
Most of the traders who were still active (from a legal point of view), on January 31, 2010, were in Bucharest (187,656) and also in the Cluj (51,067), Constanta (39,525), Timis (39,337), Prahova (36,301), Iasi (36,153), Bihor (33,186) and Brasov (33,058) counties.

The statistical registrations on individuals and legal entities on January 31, 2010 compared to the same period in 2009, showed a decrease by 23 percent, from 9,612 units in 2009 down to 7,403 this year.
The experts in the field, cited on the website, consider that one of the explanations for the increase in the number of requests for suspension of activity, cancellation and dissolution would be the introduction of the minimum income tax, ranging between 2,200 lei and 43,000 lei, depending on the company revenues. According to in force norms, provisions on minimum tax do not apply to companies registered with the Trade Register as being temporary inactive.

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