Houses in 10 Homes for Specialists programme to cost between 30,000 and 35,000 euros

Starting in the second half of 2010, the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism will carry out a programme destined for the construction in about 2,500 villages of 10 houses per each village, to be rented by the policemen, teachers and physicians who will choose to work in those villages, the cost for building such a dwelling being estimated at 30,000- 35,000 euros, relevant Minister Elena Udrea said on Wednesday, after the Government meeting.

“The Government approved a memorandum related to this programme, which will be submitted to the Government for approval on Tuesday. These dwellings to be rented by specialists under the age of 35 will have two or three rooms, an area of 100 and 120 square metres respectively, and the rent will not exceed the management costs. It is a project welcomed by the Ministry of the Interior or by the Ministry of Education because this way it will encourage the activity in these villages,” said the Minister of Development.

She said that the programme would be carried out according to the first come, first served principle, and the financing for the construction of such houses will not depend on the political colour of the mayors in those villages. The sums needed for funding the programme amount to approximately 500 million euros in the first stage and the total cost for all the 2,500 villages could reach one billion euros.

“Funding will be ensured from the National Housing Agency’s (ANL) budget, we will draw 500 million euros in all from the sales of ANL houses over 2010-2011, roughly 100 million euros will also come from the Romanian Lottery. The total costs of this programme will reach one billion euros,” said Elena Udrea.

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