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Ministry of Culture: Better options than mining can be found for Rosia Montana

Minister of Culture Hunor Kelemen thinks that the issues related to Rosia Montana can found another solution than mining, both on medium and long-term, similarly or even more profitable.

“This is a very vast and important subject. As regards my stance, I have said and I reiterated, I think that for Rosia Montana and everything it means Rosia Montana another option might be feasible both on medium and long-term, similarly or even more profitable than mining. One option could be a tourist circuit, the archaeological zone included, with tourist mining in mind.

On medium and long¬term, if we have only amounts of money in view, I think both options are equally beneficial”, said the Minister on Tuesday during the working meeting of the Senate’s Committee for Culture. Hunor added that the old archaeological discharge certificate received by Rosia Montana Gold Corporation from the Ministry of Culture was canceled following a definitive court of justice ruling.

“The assent given by the Ministry of Culture – the discharge certificate – is canceled based on a definitive ruling. Currently, Gold Corporation has no authorization. Nor the other institutions are in a worse or better position, it depends on the approach. This is the situation now. Certainly, we will examine the situation in case another assent is required, what we should do, how can we further proceed, these are very intricate things”, said the Minister.


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