Painter Vasile Grigore: Man cannot live without spiritual height

‘I paint migratory birds, because they are to take farther this state of height, which I have been working on and dreaming oĘ’ Maestro Vasile Grigore said on Wednesday at the ceremony opening the exhibition organised at the Bucharest-based Academy of Economic Studies (ASE), marking the painter’s 75th anniversary.

‘I feel good, at my 75 years, like an angel, whom God destined for me, to bring on his wings, down on the Earth, the colour and the drawing, the muse of happiness to the lovers of this splendid art,’ painter Vasile Grigore told, adding that he is confident that ‘ without painting, without colour, the Man’s life would be enormously sad.’
Confessing that he is still painting, the Maestro pointed out ‘Man cannot live without spiritual height.’

‘Nothing is more splendid in this world. Let’s fly, by our thoughts, by our spirituality, as high as possible, as high as God will. And it is then that we can see the world differently than we can see it as the Planet’s bipeds. The height will be always with us and height is good for everybody,’ said the celebrated painter.
“Vasile Grigore – 75” anniversary exhibition belongs to a vast project aimed at forming a complex spiritual openness to the art, to the soul and mind, which ASE has been promoting among its students and academic community, and it is the sixth event of this kind that the Academy has staged starting last summer.

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