Pensioners sue Government (FNSP)

Vice-president of the National Pensioner Trade Union Federation (FNSP) of Romania Ioan Hasasiu announced on Wednesday, in Targu Mures (central Romania), that pensioners would bring legal proceedings against the Government, starting on February 25, as a consequence of the pension point drop.

“We are talking about proceedings initiated in all the counties in Romania … We have asked the Executive to re-think the measures taken by uncoupling the pension point value from the gross average wage nationwide, which was obtained through Law 250, Law 192 and others, especially because such seizure of the pension point value was done through an ordinance, and such an ordinance cannot beat the three laws.

These are fundamental laws that also regulate the correlation of the pension point and the recourse to 45 percent of the gross average wage nationwide. We woke up with the killer Ordinance 114, which removes us from the correlation between active work and passive work,” said Ioan Hasasiu.

The FNSP vice-president said that pensions would not drop, but the pensioners’ purchasing power would be drastically reduced, based on the inflation. He mentioned that pensioners “will kneel before nobody,” they would wait for the end of the trial and, in case the Romanian courts do not give a ruling favourable to them, they would go to the ECHR.

“When the weather gets warmer we will also organize protest actions. At the beginning of April, eight actions will be held in the euro-regions, our region being a powerful one, with representative counties and such actions will be organized together with CNSLR Fratia, with the active trade unions. There will also be an action in June-July when we organize a big meeting in Bucharest, counting on 12,000 participants. We will picket the Government, the Cotroceni Palace, the Labour Ministry and we will go on a march,” concluded Ioan Hasasiu.

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