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Roberta Anastase: Parliament leadership to convene on Monday on matters of Constitution revision board

President of the Deputies Chamber Roberta Anastase announced that the Standing Bureaus of the Parliament are to be convened on Monday in order to discuss the setting-up of the Constitution revision commission and she accused the Senate Chairman Mircea Geoana of trying to postpone this meeting.

‘It is the first step taken, but I have to confess that it was not an easy one and we encountered resistance, which honestly I did not expect,’ claimed Anastase. She pointed out that the Senate Chairman, leader of the Social Democrat Party, in the opposition, tried to delay the meeting of the Parliament leadership, although the Referendum results from November 22, 2009, were unequivocal, given that almost 80 percent of the participants voted for the unicameral Legislature and almost 90 percent voted for the reduction of the parliamentarians’ number.

The President of the Deputies Chamber also said that the request made to the Senate Chairman was an institutional and not a political one. ‘In fact, it is common knowledge that summoning the common Standing Bureaus is one of the Senate Chairman’s duties. The mandate Romanians granted us on November 22 is not optional, but imperative. That is why, I was surprised by Mircea Goana’s attempt of slowing down the assembling of the two Bureaus,’ stressed Anastase.

On the other hand, according to the President of the Deputies Chamber, the leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL, in opposition) Crin Antonescu, is trying ‘some sort of negotiation with the Romanians,’ stating that he agreed with the reduction in the number of parliamentarians but was against the one-chamber legislature.
Anastase guaranteed, in her capacity of President of the Deputies Chamber that she would attentively observe what was happening and any obstacle to appear in the course of the events would be brought to attention, hoping that she would carry out successfully a mandate given by the Romanians.


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