Romanians spend 212 m euros on TV sets, in 2009

Romanians bought LCD and plasma TVs worth almost 60 million euros in the last two months of 2009, almost as many as in the first six months of the same year, and this because the price cuts and the winter holiday purchases, the Ziarul financiar informs on Wednesday, quoting data a GfK Romania report reveals.

All in all, 212 million-euro worth TV sets were sold in Romania last year, 32.6 million euros from sales of CRT TVs, and 179.8 million euros from the latest generation TVs, GfK data say. Romanias bought half a million LCD TVs in 2009, the same daily says citing data supplied by LG Romania, one of the biggest players on the market.

In end Oct, 283,000 CRT TVs and 313,000 LCD and plasma TVs were sold in Romania, GfK data add. “Compared to Dec. 2008, audio and TV sales went 30 percent down. Still, for these products – plasma and LCD TVs, audio and home cinema systems and portable media players – vs.Nov 2009 the sales almost doubled in Dec. 200,” the Ziarul financiar concluded, quoting GfK officials as saying.

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