Set up of Romgaz-Gazprom joint venture discussed on Wednesday, in Bucharest

Romgaz-Gazprom joint venture set up is in the focus of talks on Wednesday between representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment and those of Gazprom Co., paying a visit to Bucharest.

“We will talk about the setting up of a Romgaz-Gazprom joint venture company. Starting on March a team of Russian technicians will come to Romania… Depending on their decision, we must find out storage facilities”, announced Marcel Piteiu, Romgaz CEO.

Economy Minister Adriean Videanu has met on Wednesday, at MECMA headquarters, with Gazprom Vice-chairman Aleksandr Medvedev, the meeting being also attended by Romgaz CEO Marcel Piteiu and the one of Transgaz Florin Muntean. At the end of the talks Medvedev is going to come up with some details.

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