Tens of miners blocked underground, in a spontaneous protest

Almost 70 miners at Baita in Bihor County (northwest of Bucharest), who went underground on Wednesday, at 11:30 a.m., refuse to come out, protesting against their salaries not being paid in the latest two months and against the majority shareholder of Mineral Mining Company intending to send them home for good.

According to the Nucet town mayor Costel Nelu Sirghie, the protest ‘ was unauthorized’, and it caused by the possibility existing the mining exploitation in Baita be closed, people losing thus their jobs.
Mayor Sirghie asked the local police chief to bring a crew and, in case there would appear medical problems, three ambulances of the Bihor Ambulance Service were called, with doctors and nurses. According to the Ambulance spokesman, there was no need for intervention of the rescuers so far.

According to Mayor Nucet, miners in Baita have not received their salaries for two months after the company’s majority shareholder Mineral Mining, Swedish, retired and has provided no money for further action. At around 4:30 p.m., the unionists and the company’s management began talks to take a decision on paying the people’s wages and also on the future of the company.

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