Udrea: We plan to build mini-port on Danube, in Oltenita

Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism has a project for the construction of a mini-port in Oltenita (south) for those who sail on the Danube, announced on Tuesday, on a private TV channel, Minister Elena Udrea.

“Last year we were preoccupied by the cruise tourism on the Danube. Even though I was on board of such a cruise, I landed in the field, in Oltenita. I took the decision that the local public authorities construct a port and the project is on the list of projects of the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism.
We are to build a mini-port in Oltenita for those cruising on the Danube”, explained Elena Udrea. She stressed that as regards Bucharest-Giurgiu canal this is further in the attention of the government, but for the time being there are no required financial resources.

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