Victor Ponta: I want party leadership capable of protecting our people

Social Democratic Party (PSD) vice-president Victor Ponta said on Wednesday that he supports the variant of the single-vote at the PSD Congress scheduled for February 20, and that he opposes vote on the ticket.

“I believe that the individual vote is far more democratic because we give our party members the opportunity to vote for their favorite candidates. I, for instance, might give my vote to Geoana but not to Vanghelie, but as they are both running on the same ticket, they would come in a bundle,” argued Victor Ponta, at the County Conference of the PSD Valcea branch.

He admitted to having made mistakes during the election campaign when he served as spokesman of the party’s presidential candidate Mircea Geoana, but did not take the blame for Geoana’s night visit to controversial tycoon Sorin Ovidiu Vantu. “I will never take responsibility for that that visit to Sorin Ovidiu Vantu. When I learned about it that evening I felt as if I was carrying the guilt. I am sure this cost us enormously,” said Ponta.

Victor Ponta mentioned that although he does not yet have a lot of political experience, he would like to see a new team take over at the party’s helm. “I want a new leadership for PSD, one that is capable to offer protection to our people, a leadership that should observe the party’s statute, hold general consultations when an important decision is reached.

For example, the majority of the PSD members learned from television that the party had pulled out from ruling in October 2009. As for Mircea Geoana, regardless of what happens at Saturday’ vote casting, I am convinced that he will continue to work for the party, just as we worked for him,’ said Ponta.
He also believes that there is not the slightest crack in PSD, and expressed his conviction that the party will even emerge stronger from the Congress on Saturday, February 20.

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