Wages increase by a factor of 5003.59 compared to Jan. 1990

Net average wage per economy increased by a factor of 5003.39 in December 2009 compared to Jan. 1990 and as against Feb. 1992 it stood at 1161.44, the National Statistics Institute (INS) informs in a release remitted on Monday.

This coefficient is used by the county and local councils, town halls, commercial companies and units specialized in housing units sales. The county and local councils, town halls, commercial companies and specialized house sale units are informed about this coefficient in conformity with the provisions of the Law referring to the sale/buy of nationalized houses.

According to the aforementioned normative act, the total value of the apartments returned in nature and the afferent compensations paid for the apartments which cannot be returned to the former owners, as well as for the afferent land cannot exceed the total amount of the average wage income per economy, per person, on a 20-year period, calculated on the date when those compensations are established.
The application norms of Law 112/1995 stipulate that the nationalized housing units have to be evaluated according to the housing unit age or type, useful surface, location zone, height regime and wear and tear degree.

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