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Ambassador Fuzes: Hungary, Romania’s best and closest neighbor

Hungary is Romania‘s best and closest neighbor in terms of bilateral relations and Romania can equally be considered the best neighbor of Hungary, says this country’s Ambassador in Bucharest, Fuzes Oszkar.

According to the diplomat, Hungary only has problems with one state it shares borders with, Slovakia, with which it has a litigation over the Hungarian minority living in this country.
The Hungarian diplomat made these statements on Thursday in a meeting with journalists dedicated to the upcoming summits on energy security and the Danube Strategy, to be held in Budapest over February 24 – 26.

In this context, the Hungarian diplomat mentioned that the Nabucco pipeline project is Hungary’s top priority, but the question is who will be the providers to “fill the pipeline.”
“If we wait too long for Nabucco and do not find enough suppliers, South Stream is the second option. (…) Romania is in a happy situation, but in Hungary, 9 out of 10 users rely on Russian gas.

This is why we organize this summit in Budapest to decide how we proceed further. We want to push for the adoption of a common EU energy strategy,” added the Hungarian Ambassador in Bucharest.
Hungary will host between February 24-26 the V4 Summit on energy security and the Danube Summit of the Danube Cooperation Process; Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc announced his participation in the event.
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