Borbely: Environment Ministry has no knowledge of eventual nuclear waste storage facility

Ministry of Environment has no knowledge of an eventual nuclear waste repository in Romania, given that the National Commission for Control of Nuclear Activities (CNCAN) is in charge with this matter, Laszlo Borbely, Minister of Environment, told on Thursday.

“We have received no information because CNCAN is in charge with this field, but most likely we will be also announced in case this subject would prove to be true”, stressed Borbely.
Romania might host a nuclear waste storage facility for the European Union, says an analysis conducted at the EU member states level, according to the electronic edition of British “The Times” daily.

The aforementioned publication also said that the project, on the backdrop of a resuscitated interest in nuclear energy, could get the European Commission’s approval by this year-end.
For the moment, discussions on the future location of this facility is in ongoing negotiations between eight states part of the European organization for the development of the storage capacity, respectively The Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Lithuania, Slovenia and Bulgaria.

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