Bucharest PSD branch to launch telethon to buy back Peles Castle

Parliamentarians and women organization of the Bucharest branch of the Social Democratic Party (PSD – in opposition) plans, over the period ahead, to launch a telethon for saving the Peles Castle from being sold, PSD deputy Aura Vasile told on Thursday.

The action will be organized after the ‘A leu pentru Atheneu’ (Give a penny for the Athenaeum) campaign staged in Romania, in the 19th century. The Romanian Athenaeum, the hqs of the George Enescu Philharmonics of Bucharest was built through the public donation campaign launched under the logo ‘ Give one leu for the Ateneu,’ in 1885 when the leu used to have been Romania’s currency, since 1867.

The works for the Athenaeum, an emblem building for Romania’s capital city, started in 1886 and ended in 1888. Culture Minister Kelemen Hunor informed the senators members of the Committee on Culture that according to the data he was supply, Romania’s former royal family plans to sell the Peles Castle, which the Romanian State returned to the former owners, a couple of years before. And the State should have the required resources ready to buy it back.


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