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Builders competing for rehabilitating Bucharest National Theater

Ten companies and consortia are vying to get the agreement on the rehabilitation and the enlargement of the Bucharest National Theater (TNB), worth over 51 million euros, without VAT, which is the largest investment a state has started in the civil building sector, this year, the Ziarul financiar informs on Thursday.

Some of the biggest building companies totaling business worth over 700 million euros are competing for the project. The tender opened on Feb 9, after more than 20 companies showed interest in the bid, although the initial deadline was Feb 25. The Culture Ministry is most likely to announce the winner in April, after the time for lodging appeals, runs out, the above said daily reads on.

The project for upgrading the Bucharest National Theater (TNB), was officially presented in 2008, and it initially stipulated investments worth 40 million euros, but it currently reaches over 51 million euros. About 27 million euros of the total amount will come from the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB), as the result of the accord concluded with Romania‘s Government in 2007.

TNB’s new building will be a replica of the Barbican Hall Theater in London, and it will be changed into a cultural centre to be open from early in the morning till late at night. According to the project, the number of the seats in the performance halls will be almost double, namely 3,100 instead of 1,720.
The design of the present TNB building located in the Bucharest University Square started in 1963, but it became operational only ten years later.

Aedificia Carpati – Romtest Electronic, Rotary Constructii – ACM4 Bucharest, Sedesa Obras y Servicios (Spain) – Euro Construct International, Midanne Invest Grup – Euroconstruct in Timisoara (west), Intercantieri Vittadellor – Sacaim Societa per Azioni Cementi Armati, Italy, Alpina Bau (Austria) – Comnord, Bog’Art, ACMS, Dafora-UTI Instal Consortium and Strabag AG (Austria) are the short-listed companies and consortiums to have the winner selected from.

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