Crin Antonescu: The stake of PNL Congress is centred around a project

President of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Crin Antonescu on Thursday said he was not the least bit interested in the ‘ small talks ahead of the party’s Congress,’ but he was more interested in imposing a project to be based on the very message leading him to win 20 percent in last year’s presidential elections.

The Liberal leader responded, thus, to former Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu sending a message to Crin Antonescu ‘ to control himself’, when making affirmations about him, while assuring the PNL leader he was not seeking to reach a seat at the helm of PNL. ‘I do not want to sit among the party leaders, he can keep all the positions he wants, he can collect them all, either less or more, I have no problem with that,’ commented Tariceanu.

The head of the Liberals replied, during a broadcast at Realitatea TV channel, that his intention when saying neither Calin Popescu Tariceanu nor Ludovic Orban would be part of the team he will present to the upcoming PNL Congress was not offend the former Premier.

‘Mr. Tariceanu knows better than anyone else how much I control myself when I talk about him. I think he felt offended, but it was not my intention to offend him and, in fact, I don’t even think I did that. I was asked by a journalist if I was considering a formula to include Mr. Tariceanu as Prime Vice President and I said no, also specifying back then, as I do it again right now, that despite this option of mine, and I have the right to it, Mr. Tariceanu remains an important figure of our party, and I respect him.

That was it. I assure Mr. Tariceanu that, in fact (…) the small talks around the Congress do not interest me. I am not interested in whether Mr. Orban wants lists or he wants not, but I am instead interested in the fact that the stakes of this Congress are centred around a project,’ said Crin Antonescu.

The Liberal Party President added that he would not give up the idea of a list, as the PSD did, with the difference between the two parties was given by the different stakes lists targeted. He also said that there was no danger of division inside the Liberal Party, but only the possibility existed the less satisfied to use the pretext of changes in the Statute to leave the party.

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