Economy ministry to set up performance criteria for economic missions abroad

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment (MECMA) wishes to set up performance criteria for the Romanian economic missions based outside the country, so that these would become business incubators, said Minister Adriean Videanu during a meeting of the economic advisers on Thursday.

‘We have to set up performance criteria for each economic mission abroad. These must not be mere agencies, but business incubators,’ Videanu pointed out.
He also said that these missions needed to have correlated information, so that Romania should have the same image in all states.

‘The most important economic growth pillar for the following period is represented by the exports. We have to intensify the activity, in order to strengthen and support the Romanian economic sector, regardless of the property type. A large number of missions represented only the state companies and we must support the private sector as well,’ added Videanu.

At the same time, he stressed that Romania needed to rethink its target markets and that Romania’s chance to emerge from the crisis at minimum costs was represented by the small businesses (SMEs). ‘The SMEs are the chance Romania has in order to overcome the crisis at minimum costs. We will rethink the target markets,’ said Videanu.


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