Farmaceutica Remedia Co. moves to profit

Farmaceutica Remedia Deva Co. moved to profit in 2009, posting a net result of 3.531 million lei, compared to the previous year when it reported net losses of 3.029 million lei, according to preliminary data remitted to Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Net turnover in 2009 of the company stood at 154.401 million lei, up almost 14.75 percent compared to 134.558 million lei last year. Farmaceutica Remedia reported over Jan. 1 – Dec. 31 2009 overall revenues in the amount of 159.353 million lei, a jump of 14.08 percent as against the same period in 2008 on the backdrop of total spending of 155.469 million lei, almost 9 percent higher than in the similar period in 2008.

At last year-end, the company had debts in the amount of 82.220 million lei from 81.203 million lei in 2008 and receivables in the amount of 59.193 million lei from 41.855 million lei last year.

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