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Historical monument villa to be rehabilitated on EU funds

The famous Albatross Villa in Buzau (north-east of Bucharest) built after the design of a French architect and the favourite place where Romania’s Capital city’s aristocracy and the royal family used to meet, late in the 19th century, will be rehabilitated on EU funds totaling 18 million euros.

The rehabilitation of the Villa that belonged to the former Conservative Prime Minister Alexandru Marghiloman (1854 – 1925) is part in a programme, which the Buzau City Hall accessed through the 2007-2013 regional operational programme. The name of the villa of the late Conservative politician is Albatros like the most famous stallion of that time.

It was Iancu Marghiloman who had the mansion built, over 1883-1887. After his death in 1892, his son Alexandru got the mansion refurbished and upgraded after the designs by the French architect Paul Gottreau, the same who had designed famous Bucharest-based buildings such as The Romanian Savings Bank (CEC) and the Carol I University Foundation. Gottreau started the Albatros Villa’s project in 1893 and it was inaugurated in 1897.

Alexandru Marghiloman (Jan 27, 1854 – May 10, 1925) great statesman and owner took his LLD in Paris and he was, by turns, Justice Minister, Minister of Public Works, Minister of Agriculture, Industry, Trade and Interior, the Minister for Home Affairs and Prime Minister in 1918. At the Albatros Villa surrounded by a 22.5 ha park, with pond and annexes, the Marghiloman coffee was cooked on sand, by a special recipe.

Alexandru Marghiloman is considered the father of the horse racing in Romania. He organised the first horse races and bets on the Bucharest-based Floreasca Racecourse (1874). He founded the Romanian Jockey Club, whose president he was as well, and in 1892 he got a 42-ha racetrack built, in Buzau where he also set up the first thoroughbred horse-breeding farm. His thoroughbreds, Albatros the best of them, won 27 derbies.


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