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Nuclear emergency exercise in Cernavoda

A nuclear emergency exercise will take place in Cernavoda (southeastern Romania), between 8 – 12 a.m. (Romania’s time) on Friday.

Cernavoda mayor Mariana Mircea said that, in view of the good performance of the exercise, the Local Committee for Emergency Situations and the Nuclear Power Plant (CNE) based in Cernavoda will cooperate in order to identify the shortcomings of the response systems to nuclear emergencies that can slow down the on-site activities, so that the consequences of a potential nuclear accident be limited.

‘The exercise will be carried out in Unit 2 of CNE Cernavoda, where the first alarms of an ‘ End Fitting Failure’ type nuclear accident will be simulated and the CNE representatives will immediately send the notification to the President of the Local Committee for Emergency Situations, as per the scenario and the protocol,’ Mariana Mircea said on Thursday.

Afterwards, the mayor will declare a state of general emergency and the CNE representatives will continue simulating corrective actions for the deficiencies and monitoring the radiation level, after which they will regularly send notifications to the local authorities regarding the intervention stages and the on-site radiations level.
For an adequate information of the population regarding the actions taken in case of a nuclear accident, the local administration will involve other local institutions, such as the schools, the city hospital and the city hall in this exercise.

‘The city hall started an awareness campaign for the population regarding the exercise’s unfolding through advertisements in the local newspapers and radio station, SMS and leaflets.
At the same time, both in the areas where on site actions are taken as well as in other areas of the town, flyers will be distributed on Friday, advertising useful information on the action and response modalities in case of a nuclear accident and the citizens are advised to keep calm, not panic and carry on with their current activities, as it is nothing more than an exercise,’ concluded Mircea.


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