Premier Boc starts the Ramshackle Car programme hoping for economic growth

Prime Minister Emil Boc said on Thursday, at the inauguration of the programme for stimulating the national car fleet renewal in 2010, that the scrappage of 60,000 old cars was foreseen, almost double compared to last year, given the fact that the Premier hopes for a 1.3 percent economic growth in 2010.

Boc blamed the last year’s seven percent economic drop for the relatively low number of 32,000 old cars that were included in the Ramshackle Car programme so as to obtain scrappage bonuses for the purchase of new cars.
“Using the money that the Government will grant through the environment fund, over 60,000 old cars will be scrapped this year and new cars will replace them, helping the environment and the Romanians’ jobs and the Romanian industry that needs this programme …

Last year, we registered a 7 percent economic drop; this year we forecast a 1.3 percent increase. For this reason, I hope things will be better,” said the Premier.
He mentioned the possibility to trade the voucher with the value of 3,800 lei received for a scrapped car as a new advantage of the programme.
“Last but not least, people got used to the good modalities introduced by the Environment Ministry, ie the possibility to trade the voucher; this will give people the possibility to bring more old cars and to receive the voucher,” explained Boc.

Premier Emil Boc and Environment Minister Laszlo Borbely participated in the inauguration of the programme, at the headquarters of the operator scrapping old cars, Remat in Bucharest.

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