Romania confirms interest in participation in South Stream (Gazprom)

Romania confirmed its interest in participating in the South Stream project and conveyed to the Russian side previously required data, needed for the readying of the feasibility study for the gas pipeline layout on Romania’s territory, announced Russian Gazprom corporation in a release published on its official site.

The release follows the meeting on Wednesday in Bucharest between Gazprom Deputy Chairman Aleksandr Medvedev and Romanian Minister of Economy Adriean Videanu.
“During the meeting a series of bilateral cooperation topics in the energy field were discussed, the outlook of the Russian natural gas imports, partnership with Romgaz Co. in the field of development of underground gas storage capacities, as well as the gas transit with Transgaz.

The two sides also discussed the likely cooperation in the field of electricity production”, stressed Gazprom. “We view relations with Romania in the energy field as strategic and we hope to expand cooperation links between our countries. We are linked by many years of partnership – last year we marked 30 years since the first Russian gas deliveries to Romania.

We also plan in the future to bring our full contribution to ensure the energy security of our European partners, including Romanians”, underlined Aleksandr Medvedev.
Several Russian newspapers and news agencies took over the Gazprom release, noting that South Stream gas pipeline will be constructed for the diversification of Russian gas deliveries to Europe and reduction of dependence on the transit countries.

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