‘Society against the State’ programme replies to abuses by public authorities

Foundation for the Protection of Citizens against State Abuse (FACIAS) on Thursday launched the ‘ Society against the State’ “programme, as a response of the civil society against the wave of abuses and social inequalities produced by public authorities.

According to representatives of FACIAS, the programme, to be conducted indefinitely, was structured in stages, each stage to follow clear directions, in partnership with citizens having asked for the help of the foundations.
At the conference, the FACIAS officials have announced the first three pillars of action to be conducted in the initial phase – making local authorities responsible for their acts, social protection and overlapping wage and pension issue.

‘As according to the numerous petitions by citizens in the Romanian capital, FACIAS decided to sue all district mayors and the Bucharest City Hall for the car damage that is a result of the disastrous state of public roads. Thus, we are trying to obtain a court rule to force the relevant local authorities compensate all the citizens whose cars were affected by the unspeakable condition of the roads,’ said the FACIAS representative.

Moreover, they added they will monitor the activity of the town halls and they will publicly require, while providing the necessary evidence, the resignations of all those accused of lack of professionalism and lack of training.
As regards the minimum social protection, ‘which is very much a necessity for the former tenants of nationalized houses’, FACIAS believes Government has proved a lack of interest in solving the situation of these former tenants, a situation they continue to live in the present, because of legislative loopholes, without any form of protection from the state existing to help them.

FACIAS, as the sole nongovernmental organisation that has acted in court the state for not publishing the methodological norms for Law 1 / 2009, considers the nationalized houses issues as needing to be taken care of immediately. The Government’s lack of interest forces FACIAS (…) into a new court action against the state authorities,’ said FACIAS officials.

Referring to the law banning overlapping salary and pension, organisation’s representatives argue that the recent project proposed by the Executive, in the public system, generates a series of social inequalities, in the obvious disadvantage of a series of socio-professional categories, such as the actors.

Together with several representatives of the artists, who have already written a support letter-document, we ask Government not to develop such unconstitutional normative act, which is against human rights. If the Government will refuse to obey the Constitution of Romania, we sue the Boc Government,’ FACIAS representatives also said.

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