Things in Romania are on wrong track (CURS poll)

Over three quarters (77 percent) of the persons interviewed by CURS operators say that in Romania things are on the wrong track and over one half believe that people live worse or much worse than in 2009.

Likewise, most respondents (64 percent) say that the current downturn affected their incomes to a great or very great extent, according to a poll conducted by the Centre of Urban and Regional Sociology (CURS) and sent on Thursday.
Most respondents (64 percent) doubt the current Government has the capability to get Romania out of the crisis. Regarding the Government priorities, the main problems that should be solved are: the creation of jobs and the increase in pensions and wages.

Almost one quarter of the polled (24 percent) believe that they should not pay any taxes to the state. If elections for the Romanian Parliament were organized next Sunday, both the Democratic Liberal Party as well as the Social Democratic Party would obtain 35 percent of the options, the National Liberal Party, 18 percent, the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania, 5 percent, the Greater Romania Party, 3 percent, the New Generation-Christian Democratic Party, 2 percent, other parties, 2 percent.

The Innovation and Development Projects Institute asked CURS to conduct a national poll on economic, social and political topics. The poll was carried out over February 4-14 on a sample of 3,000 people, aged 18 and over 18, in the urban and rural environment.


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