Value of Central Depository administrated securities rises by 30.4 pct

Value of financial instruments managed by the Central Depository (DC) rose in 2009 by 30.4 percent from 2008, amounting at 73.867 billion lei (17.5 billion euros) compared to 56.61 billion lei (14.5 billion euros) at the end of 2008, DC informs.

Of this total, shares of corporate stock accounted for 72.757 billion lei, up 28 percent from 2008, preferential shares – 980,995 lei, municipal bonds – 723.237 million lei (plus 49 percent), corporate bonds – 337.3 million lei and fund units – 47.944 million lei (plus 16 percent).
Total value of non-resident investor held securities (accounting for 45 percent of the total in 2009) jumped by more than 44 percent compared to 2008, to 33.004 billion lei. At 2008-end, the total value of non-residents’ securities attained 22.88 billion lei.

As against 2008 the total value of resident investors held securities rose by 21 percent, amounting at 40.863 billion lei at the end of 2009 from 33.733 billion lei on Dec. 31, 2008.
The top ten countries classification according to respective holdings indicates Austria as ranking first, with 11.293 billion lei, followed by France, with 5.469 billion lei and The Netherlands with 3.755 billion lei. They are followed suit by Switzerland – 2.638 billion lei, the United States of America – 2.435 billion lei, Cyprus – 2.272 billion lei, Great Britain – 1.266 billion lei, Luxembourg – 1.063 billion lei.

At 2009-end the Central Depository had in its registry a total number of 9.397 million of financial instruments holders, of whom 9.392 million residents and 5,076 non-residents. Of the total number of holders 9,388,455 are individuals and the remainder corporate entities (9,012).

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