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Victor Ponta announces candidacy for PSD chairmanship

Vice-chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Victor Ponta on Thursday announced his candidacy for the chairmanship of the party and said that he went on being the same man consistent with his political principles.

“I informed on Monday of what I was going to do today and I am keeping my word. I am announcing my candidacy for the position of party chairman because I believe that PSD and, eventually, Romania and our voters must have an alternative, must have a project for the future, not for the past, not for continuing what did not work well, but what we must do well from now on,” said Ponta.

The PSD vice-chairman said he was astonished at the reactions he got from the conferences attended by the organization heads too. “All of them told me they were expecting a solution, they did not want to choose among solutions of the past, they want a solution of the future,” added Ponta. He said that his project was the one presented three weeks before, “Correct Romania,” and added that he had the power, the courage and the time to fulfil all the 22 items mentioned there.

“I hope to be the solution making everything go well and be able to offer, after February 21, the solutions for our party and for our voters,” also said Ponta. As for the candidacy on lists, the PSD vice-chairman thinks that, as Ion Iliescu, Adrian Nastase but also many people of the party said, they wanted to get the vote of the 1,700 delegates attending the congress.
When asked about his position in case Adrian Nastase runs for PSD chairmanship, Ponta said that he went on respecting the chairman of the National Council, but he would stick to running for the above-mentioned position.


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