Vladescu: Eurobond issue roadshow to start in two weeks time

The Eurobonds issue on the foreign capital market is to be launched in the first quarter and the roadshow (promotional meetings) in two weeks, announced on Thursday, at the meeting of the economic counselors abroad, Minister of Public Finance (MFP) Sebastian Vladescu.

At this year-start, MFP official stated that the Euro-bond issuance will be up to one billion euros, going to be launched as quickly as possible after the end of the evaluation mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The Euro-bond issue was readied by the Ministry of Public Finance for October 2009 but, following the political crisis, it was postponed to 2010.

Prior to Boc Government collapse, MFP planned to launch in October 2009, on the foreign markets, a Eurobond issue in value ranging between 500 million euros and 1.5 billion euros and 5-10 year maturity. MFP strategy in 2010 is aimed at loans both on the domestic market and abroad and as for T-bills in lei MFP will test the market with 10-year maturity issues.

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