Writer Dinu Sararu: You cannot be farmer, growing only ten plum trees and one onion bed

Writer Dinu Sararu, the author of several works about the countryside life thinks that one of the worst mistakes the Romanian ruling has made after the December 1989 Revolution was to dismantle the Agricultural Production Cooperatives (CAP).

Many neighboring countries, such as Bulgaria, Hungary or Poland have not dismantled the CAPs. They have just elegantly adjusted them, simply naming and turning them into cooperatives. You cannot make agriculture, like in my village (Slatioara- editor’s note), where the farmers just grow ten plum trees and one onion,’ Sararu told.
In his opinion the farmer who, before 1989, used to work in the agricultural production cooperatives, is ‘wiser’ than that who was tilling the land by his own, afterwards.

‘The farmers had begun reviving. before 1989. I invite you to notice what I myself have seen, namely that all the farmers who used to work in the CAPs, are wiser than those working their own land. And those belonging to the latter category are more stupid and backward, less gregarious, less open to the new, less ambitious to achieve more than their kinsfolk did,’ Sararu concluded.

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