Actori Europeni Association launches portal devoted to anti-corruption combat

The Actori Europeni (European Actors) Association on Friday presented the project ‘ Involvement and Simplification. Anti-corruption Online Tools’, financed by PHARE, aimed at developing an online platform for preventing and combating corruption with the help of the citizens.

Journalist Dan Tapalaga, on Friday explained, at the European Institute of Romania headquarters, that transparency was the key word in fighting corruption, through making players get more involved in anti-corruption fight. On the occasion of the inauguration seminar, the manager of the project, Manuela Preoteasa, said that an easy access to electronic media and electronic operations may be, in itself, a tool to reduce the number of small acts of corruption.

‘As far as we know, computers cannot take bribe. Moreover, there would be no crowd in front of your own desktop,’ said Manuela Preoteasa. The National Anti-Corruption Department spokeswoman Livia Saplacan, brought into discussion the fact that DNA investigations usually take several months on the average. However, after being sent to court, a file is settled in a much longer time, sometimes more than five years.

‘Nevertheless, many cases of DNA were completed. However, as they were medium corruption cases, they were not so much brought up in the media. Moreover, during the investigation phase, which is not public, some files are excessively publicized. In exchange, after being sent to court, we hear nothing more related to their course,’ said Livia Saplacan.

The site can host about 1.5 million users, a capacity initiatiors of the project think it would be enough for now.    Representatives of public authorities can communicate directly with citizens, in video format and audio, in online meetings.    The total budget of the project is 57,568 euros, 51,811 being the contribution of PHARE and 5,756 euros representing the contribution of the ‘European Actors’ association. The project will be conducted for a 10-month period.


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