Adrian Nastase: any other choice than Mircea Geoana – a sign PSD has changed

Any other choice than Mircea Geoana remaining at the helm of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) would be a sign for our political opponents that the party has changed, said the Chairman of the National Council of the PSD Adrian Nastase.

According to him, the Social Democrats ‘ should not delude themselves’ President Traian Basescu is not interested in the outcome of the PSD Congress. ‘I would like also to inform those who are still having doubts that more and more colleagues throughout the country tell me how great the agitation is at the headquarters of the neighbouring organisations, belonging to PD-L (Democratic Liberal Party).

For instance, in Dambovita (Florin Popescu), in Prahova (Roberta Anastase) and in Buzau (Cezar Preda), there are being held meetings where PD-L activists are told they must contribute anything in their power to the re-election of Mircea Geoana, while PSD members, local mayors and MPS are being promised all kinds of things and also put under great pressure. For our opponents, any other choice than Mircea Geoana would be a sign that the PSD has changed, that the party understood it needs to gain strength,’ Nastase on Friday wrote on his personal blog.

He also drew attention to PSD local mayors ‘ being put under great pressure by the orange power (i.e orange is the PD-L’s electoral colour).’ ‘After they cut the budgets of our mayors, after they have harassed them with absurd checks, now they want to involve in the PSD’ internal affairs too. We need to remove Basescu’s ‘ tail’ from our party, so that to avoid being gradually transformed from a real party into a mere annexe, more colourful and more agitated, of the PD-L,’ the PSD National Council head said.

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