Boc: Romania to be modernised through central and local administrations partnership

Prime Minister Emil Boc believes that in order for the country to be modernized an authentic partnership between the central and local administrations is needed, underlining that the decentralization must be carried out both in terms of duties as well as the financial resources necessary for their accomplishment.

‘Romania cannot be modernized unless an authentic partnership between the central and local administrations is developed. There are always two important mechanisms in a country’s development and modernization: the governmental, central one, but also the public local administration actions, based on the local autonomy and decentralization principle,’ pointed out Boc during the Romanian Municipalities Association meeting on Friday.

The PM said the decentralization was one of the major governmental priorities, adding that the transfer of tasks to the local administration must be also accompanied by ‘correct financial solutions.’ ‘In my opinion the era in which tasks were transferred without the associated financial resources, is definitely gone,’ underlined the Prime Minister.
Emil Boc and Minister of Administration and Interior Vasile Blaga attend the Steering Committee of the Romanian Municipalities Association meeting, held in Cluj-Napoca (central-western Romania).

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