Bucharesters draw near EU average in purchasing power

Romania’s North-east is further one of the poorest zones in the European Union and seven Romanian regions are below the 75 percent threshold of the European average as regards the purchasing power, but Bucharest is placed at more than 90 percent, the Capital’s inhabitants being approximately twice richer than the rest of the country, Ziarul financiar reads.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita expressed by the purchasing power standard, or PPS, places Romania’s North-east on the next to the last place in the EU, with 27 percent of the Community average, the sole poorer region being Severozapaden in Bulgaria, with 26 percent of the average, according to Eurostat data.
Per total, Romania reported in 2007 a GDP per capita of 5,800 euros and PPS indicator stood at 10,400, accounting for 41 percent of the EU average.

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