Danube Strategy adoption ensures development of Danube basin regions’ potential

The establishment of a Danube strategy by the European Union ensures the development of the potential offered by the regions in the European river basin, Romania’s Ambassador in Madrid Maria Ligor told the informative session on the European strategy in the Danube region organized at the European institution’s headquarters in the Spanish capital.

In her speech, Romania’s Ambassador appreciated the value of a future strategy in relation to the current policy of the European Union. The Danube, a real backbone of Europe, has become, after the enlargement of the Union, an inland river, which has the purpose of facilitating the interaction and the cooperation among the Danube basin regions, said the Romanian diplomat, according to a press release.

The informative session in Madrid took place in the context in which a public consultation process was launched at the European Union level that will result in the European Commission’s drafting a strategy proposal for the Danube macro-region, by the end of this year.
This draft strategy will also include the contribution of the participating states and, subsequently, the European Council will adopt a new strategy in the first half of 2011, while Hungary is holder of the Union presidency.

The initiative was launched in 2008, at the joint proposal of Romania and Austria, which were joined by the riparian states, the ones that are not members of the Union included. The proposal is based on three principles – connectivity, environment protection and water management and social-economic development – the same that were adopted in 2009, within the Baltic Sea Region Strategy, the first EU macro-regional strategy.

The informative session titled the “European Strategy for the Danube Region” was organized by the European Commission Representation Office to Spain and the Embassy of Hungary, in cooperation with the embassies of the following states: Austria, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine.

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