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First exhibition in Europe to be visited by means of mobile phone

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday launched the exhibition titled “Form the First Writings to Multimedia. A Short History of the Progress of Communication — and More.”

The European first of the exhibition is the fact that it will be visited, in its virtual form, by means of the mobile phone and the new computer programmes. “The introduction of the new technologies makes people fear that novelty will destroy tradition …

From all these collective fears one can infer that a new support rather stimulates, refines, diversifies our forms of communicating and keeping our collective memory in place and I think that the exhibition we are opening is a good example in this respect,” said Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodor Baconschi, who attended the above-mentioned event.

He said that, in this formula, one can culturally export, in the virtual environment, Romania‘s almost entire patrimony, considering the fact that many goals and elements of the national patrimony, some of them selected by the UNESCO, are very little known abroad.
“I think that, by projecting them in the virtual environment, is a good means of attracting, in the future, concurrently with the improvement of Romania‘s road infrastructure, numerous real tourists that should discover these values, which were forgotten, neglected or simply ignored,” also said Teodor Baconschi.

The exhibition brings together elements covering a time span of 12,000 years of the human history from the main history museums in Transylvania and Banat and will travel to the cities of Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Timisoara, Deva and Sighisoara (all of them in central and western Romania).

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