Geoana: The election of the future leading team of PSD complies with statutes

The extraordinary convention of the Congress of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), in the opposition, will elect on Saturday the party’s chairman, secretary general and 15 deputy chairmen and discard the first deputy chairman office, according to the incumbent PSD chief Mircea Geoana.

Geoana said on Friday, at the end of a convention of the PSD National Executive Committee, that the election of the future leading team of PSD complies with the 2005 statutes of the party and the new statutes of the party will be voted on by an extraordinary convention of the PSD Congress.

‘I would like to point to three important conclusions. First, the National Executive Committee unanimously voted that the election to the leading offices be conducted individually this time and the idea of a team vote should be retained for the time the statutes are modified at an extraordinary convention of the party Congress that will be exclusively devoted to this matter.

This allowed a consensus to be built within the party and I am glad that this theme, with redoubtable partisans and opponents, found a just balance in our today’s decision,’ said Geoana. He mentioned that the 15 deputy chairmen will be elected in descending order of the number of ballots won, instead of by development regions and specialties, as is the case now.

‘This would allow a democratic vote and would obviously permit the chairman of the party to entrust the future deputy chairmen with competence and specialty tasks according to the outcome of tomorrow’s vote. We will amend the statutes only in one provision, namely the election of the deputy chairmen.
The amendment should go on smoothly, given today’s unanimous vote, and tomorrow we will focus on more important issues: political debate, our political design and, obviously, electing the leadership of our party,’ said Geoana.

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