Health Ministry: H1N1 flu kills 122 in Romania

Health Ministry (MS) specifies in a press release sent late on Thursday that as for the 122 confirmed deaths with H1N1 virus, only 98 of the patients’ families agreed on a necropsy, the other 24 refusing it, but this makes no difference in the final diagnosis.

And therefore, the international forums registered Romania with 122 confirmed deaths because of the H1N1 flu, reads the MS release issued in response to some false and tendentious information.

At the same time, all the 6,999 H1N1 flu cases occurred in Romania, were confirmed by a EU standard methodology, the source reads, adding that the confirmation was made in accredited labs, through the RT-PCR technique recommended by the European Community and used in all the EU countries.

In case of death, besides the biological tests run when the patient is hospitalized, the standard methodology includes virology and histopathologic tests on the tissues drawn form the dead person, and sent to the single accredited laboratory. The histopathological diagnosis shows the microscopic injuries caused by the H1N1 infection not by the virus, the MS release explains.

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