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Hungary is against Rosia Montana gold mining project

Hungary is against the Rosia Montana gold mining project and if the Romanian Government approves of this, Budapest authorities are determined to ask for explanations, warned Hungarian ambassador to Romania Fuzes Oszkar on Thursday.

‘Three times no for Rosia Montana. We do not trust this technology, even if we are told it is working all right in Canada or Sweden. We have already experienced the Baia Mare case,’ said Fuzes Oszkar, answering questions asked by journalists. He also said that if the Romanian Government takes ‘this risk for the environment’ just because it is a profit-making investment, ‘Hungary will have at least 275 questions to ask and will want some answers.’

‘The decision rests with the Romanian Government of course,’ Fuzes Oszkar said.The development of a national strategy to capitalize the non-energetic mineral resources and to re-evaluate Rosia Montana project is one of the authorities’ objectives in the field of mineral resources, included in the 2009-2012 governmental programme.

Romanian Environment Minister Borbely Laszlo decided that Rosia Montana gold mining project would be monitored by a special commission, especially set up within the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. The minister has recently said that Rosia Montana investment will not get the green light if it infringes the European legislation.
Rosia Montana Gold Corporation Company, which started the project, announced that if the environmental permit were to be received in order to start the gold mining project, it would use an exploitation area of 12.5 square km.

After the ore is being processed, there is an estimated 16-years production of 300 tonnes of gold and around 1,400 tonnes of silver. The company’s estimates relate to the fact the mining project will create 1,200 jobs during the mine construction stage and another 600 permanent jobs once the project becomes operational.


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