Labour minister: Quarter of disability pensions illegally obtained

Around 225,000 disability pensions out of roughly 900,000 pensions paid in Romania are likely to have been obtained illegally, or by bribing doctors, Labour Minister Mihai Seitan told a press conference.

He pointed out that, from 2001 until 2010, more than 50 percent increase was registered in the number of retirements on medical grounds – from 600,000 to 900,000.
‘The number of people obtaining a disability pension raised dramatically in the last couple of years. It is an alarming event and as a consequence, the National Institute for Medical Expertise and Work Capacity Recovery hospitalised about one percent of these pensioners last year in order to make verifications.

Out of 9,100 hospitalised persons, 3,500 were already close to obtaining the permanent retirement decision, but as a result of the verification, 55 percent were rejected, their retirement request not being accepted. On the other hand, 4,500 pensioners were brought in for the yearly verification required by law, and 42 percent of these had their pensions withdrawn,’ said Mihai Seitan.
According to the minister, all doubtful cases will be checked in the following three years and 4-5 regional centres will be set up which would take over the entire activity.

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