New headquarters of Hungarian Cultural Centre is inaugurated in Bucharest

Minister of Culture and National Patrimony Hunor Kelemen and Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Hungary Istvan Hiller on Friday inaugurated the new Bucharest headquarters of the Cultural Centre of the Republic of Hungary.

“In the history of the Romanian-Hungarian relations this day, the opening of the Cultural Centre of the Republic of Hungary, is equally the opening of the house of the future. It is the opening of a new phase. The new Cultural Centre in Romania serves the common interests of the Romanians and the Hungarians, namely the preservation of the Hungarian culture,” said Istvan Hiller.

He made it clear that Hungary had 20 cultural institutions the world over, some of them in buildings that are the property of Hungary, others rented, as is the case of the one in Bucharest, a building of 1936, which is the property of the Romanian State. The Hungarian Minister also made it clear that the Cultural Centre in Bucharest would go on being headed by Zoltan Bretter, whose task is to promote the Hungarian culture at high level in cooperation with the cultural institutions in Romania.

He added that, in the 21st century, when Hungary and Romania are EU member states, these centres proved they were useful and added that the two countries should cooperate in as many cultural projects as possible.

“I want it to stay a home of surely valuable cultural products as it used to be up to now, and a centre of the cultural dialogue between Romanians and Hungarians, between Romanian and Hungarian creators, between the creations in both countries,” also said Hunor Kelemen.
The opening night at the Hungarian Cultural Centre, which was also attended by Hungary’s Ambassador in Bucharest Oskar Fuzes, went on with a jazz concert given by the Tatrai Trend Ensemble.


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