Oprea: Electricity price in future national companies basket at 42-43 euros a MWh

The studies conducted for the future power companies – Electra and Hidroenergetica respectively – have led to the conclusion that the electrical energy basket price will be some 42-43 euros a megawatt hour (MWh), Hidroelectrica deputy managing director Traian Oprea told on Friday.

‘The price is set up based on the costs, and that basket will be formed after the costs of each member of the new national power companies. The studies made on the issue of the two companies put such basket at some 42-43 euros a MWh’, Oprea said. He stressed the national energy system ‘entered Europe in 2005, when it was accepted in the grid on most of the continent, the well-known UCTE (Union for the Coordination of Transmission of Energy).”

‘By joining the UCTE we are linked to the physical system in Europe and this will give us the possibility to forge contracts with any producer in Europe for fixed tariffs related to transmission and distribution. Thus, it is compulsory to be concerned with making the activity more efficient and to get the best parameters’, Hidroelectrica executive said.

Hidroelectrica is one of the electrical energy and related technological services producers in Romania. The company last year covered 26 percent of the national electricity production and it uses water as a renewable energy source. Hidroelectrica is owned by the Romanian state via the Economy Ministry; it employs more than 5,000 staff. It currently manages 326 hydro-electric stations and pumping plants totalling more than 6,300 MW in installed power.

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