PM Boc: Works on Transylvania Motorway carry on

Prime Minister Emil Boc gave assurances that works on the Transylvania motorway will carry on this year, so that the section between Targu Mures and the border with Hungary be completed in the years to come; the Premier said that other forms of financing need to be identified for the Brasov-Targu Mures section.

He mentioned that according to the agreement with contractor Bechtel, all overdue payments for the completed works would be performed by April and assured that the financial resources are in place to continue the project. A new discussion with Bechtel representatives is scheduled for early March and the Premier said that at this moment the reason why works on the Targu Mures-Turda section cannot move ahead is not the lack of money, but the absence of the design.

“The problem is that we have no design. Today, if I had the money to build the Targu Mures – Campia Turzii section, I would be unable to spend it because the design is not yet completed,” said Boc. He added that works on the highway would continue in the coming period, at least along the portion between Targu Mures and the country border and other solutions would be sought for the rest of the motorway.

Bechtel representatives announced on February 8 that works on the Transylvania motorway would continue on the 10 kilometers between Turda and Campia Turzii and should financing be made available, another 40 kilometers would be built this year and recruitment would resume.

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