PM Emil Boc says he is thinking of special law on public-private partnership

Prime Minister Emil Boc says he is thinking of a special law on the public-private partnership, either through amending the law on lease or passing a new one.

‘I’m just going to propose the law to be altered so that the Law on lease should be named the law on public-private partnership,’ PM Boc said during the sitting of the Steering Committee of the Romanian Municipalities Association (AMR), taking place at the City Hall of the Cluj Napoca (central), on Friday.

Romania’s Premier added that it has been through the public-private partnership that the EU infrastructure has been built and it could be also possible that the Romanian infrastructure to be built through such partnerships, as well. ‘This instrument has been erecting the infrastructure of the European Union, and I can see no reason why it might not get Romania’s infrastructure built, too,’ PM Boc stressed.

He also pointed out that the budget ever fails supplying enough money, and the public-private partnerships could provide money to achieve major investments objectives on. PM Boc also emphasized that the laws in force fail regulating the lease issue, sufficiently well.


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