Romania, neighboring states discuss participation in missile shield

The Foreign Ministry (MAE) briefed the authorities of Romania’s neighboring states about the country’s adaptive, phased participation in the European missile defense system, the institution informed in a Friday release.

Thus, over February 11 – 12, Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi discussed over phone with Republic of Moldova counterpart Iurie Leanca, whereas Secretary of State for Strategic Affairs Bogdan Aurescu did the same with deputy Minister Andrei Popov of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova.

A round of consultations on security issues organized at the level of MAE heads of department followed on February 18 in Chisinau. According to the Romanian Foreign Ministry, the Romanian side emphasized that the system is strictly defensive and is aimed at ensuring the protection of Romanian citizens against potential missile attacks, representing a concrete contribution to NATO’s future missile defense system that will ensure full protection of the entire territory of the organization’s allies.

Also, the Foreign Ministry’s leaders made it clear that Romania’s participation in this system has absolutely nothing to do with how the situation in Transdniester is being settled. The Romanian side also noted that the project does not affect the security of neighboring states whatsoever, but quite the opposite, it reduces security risks at a broader regional scale.

Director General for Strategic Affairs with the Foreign Ministry Calin Stoica also met in Bucharest with the Ambassador of Bulgaria Valentin Radomirski, Ukrainian Ambassador Markian Kulik, and Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia Zoran Popovic, with whom he discussed the participation in the missile defense system.
At the same time, bilateral political consultations on security issues were held on February 10 in Budapest at the level of Foreign Ministry head of department, on which occasion the subject of the missile defense was also approached.

Officials from Romania’s neighboring states were informed on the decision of the Country’s Supreme Defense Council and were provided the available data related to the project, in a move aimed at demonstrating that the new approach of the U.S. Administration enhances the European defense capacity at a time of rising threats by short- or medium-range missiles, whilst the geographical area Romania is located in is one of the most vulnerable in this regard.

Romania’s Supreme Defence Council approved on February 4, 2010 the U.S. proposal on Romania’s participation in the Phased Adaptive Approach to the European missile defense system. The proposal was referred to the Romanian authorities on the occasion of the visit to Bucharest of U.S. Under-secretary of State Ellen Tauscher.

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