Romania supports reform of ECHR

Secretary of State for Strategic Affairs Bogdan Aurescu, Romania’s delegation head at the ongoing Conference on the Future of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), in Interlaken, Switzerland, on Friday delivered his keynote speech as representative of Romania, reaffirming the country’s appreciation for the European mechanism checking on compliance with human rights and also its further support to the reform process of the Court, reads a release of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Romania’s representative showed that a priority in the process of implementation of the Interlaken Declaration should be using the already existing and available tools, at the disposal of the parties (the states) and of the Court, such as the procedure of amiable settlement and unilateral declarations, Romania is a supporter of, respectively measures to make the activity of the Secretariat and of the Committee of Ministers more efficient in monitoring the execution of Court rulings.
In this context, he reminded the positive effects the forthcoming entry into force of Protocol 14 will have on the management by the Court of individual applications.

On the sidelines of the conference, Bogdan Aurescu had a brief meeting with Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjorn Jagland, occasion on which the Romanian dignitary reiterated an invitation extended to the European official to pay a visit to Romania this year, while also expressing Romania’s full readiness to support reform efforts of the Council of Europe and European Court.
Moreover, Aurescu had short meetings with judges of the European Court, who were attending the works at the Conference, as well as with other heads of delegations.


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