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“Guide of Romanian Citizen Wanting to Work in the Area of the European Union” is launched by MAE

The Romanians intending to go to work in the community area will be able to find useful information referring to the norms in the 26 states and to the conditions under which they can access the labour market by reading a guide compiled for this purpose by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE).

The book, which is titled the “Guide of the Romanian Citizen Wanting to Work in the Area of the European Union,” will be launched on Tuesday at the Mihail Sadoveanu Bookshop in Bucharest, Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodor Baconschi attending.

The above-mentioned work includes information referring to general aspects of the right to work in the state under consideration, questions connected tho the liberalization of the labour market, restrictions of the labour market, information referring to the way to get the work permit, the contact data of the people responsible for labour questions of Romania’s embassies in the EU states, the contact data of the local authorities in charge of labour and social security in the country under consideration as well as the most important regulations in the field.

The guide is compiled with the support of Romania’s diplomatic missions to the states in question, considering the cases they came across too. The “Guide of the Romanian Citizen Wanting to Work in the Area of the European Union” is a new information material compiled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is added to the “Guide of the Romanian Traveller Abroad,” launched in July 2009, to other information materials as well as to the periodic warnings given by MAE to people who travel to various countries in the world in order to help the Romanian citizens abroad.

In this respect MAE recommends that, before any trip to be made abroad, the Romanian citizens should get information, should check both the advice, conditions and travel alerts to be found on the site as well as other official information supplied by institutions of the Romanian State and by the authorities of the country to which they want to go.


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